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Food delivery robot for restaurant - CENHOT


Faced with a complex and severe epidemic situation of the 2019nCoV, which has affected people's lives, it has had a particularly severe impact on the catering industry.Therefore, launching food delivery robot products to provide contact-free food delivery technology to reduce the possibility of infection.This new food delivery robot is following.

Food delivery robot for restaurant - CENHOT

Contact-free Advantages
1.Contact-free, reduce the risk of virus infection
2.Efficient distribution + infrared sensor temperature measurement to ensure restaurant safety
3.increase productivity
4.Improve process and product quality
5.Improve competitiveness
6.Improve flexibility to meet the diverse needs of customers

Of course,if you want to know more about the contact-free concept and food delivery robot equipment.Don’t hesitate to contact us,we would reply you as soon as possible.Or you can visit our website:,and call us at 0086 13380500833.

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