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  • Happy New Year of 2022 - CENHOT
    Happy New Year of 2022 - CENHOT

    CENHOT would like to wish you a joyous new year and express our hope for your happiness and good future.                              

  • Merry Christmas - CENHOT
    Merry Christmas - CENHOT

    It seems that Christmastime is here once again,and it is time again to bring in the new year. CENHOT wishes the merriest of Christmasto you and your loved ones,and we wish you happiness and all right in the year ahead.

  • The introduction of new product-Exhaust Hood System- CENHOT
    The introduction of new product-Exhaust Hood System- CENHOT

    The Exhaust Hood System is a BBQ equipment which can exhaust smoke when you eat barbecue. The Korean BBQ hood has the smokeless function as the fan, And the fan can control the pipe if work or not work separately. You can see have a plug in the fan. If you don’t want the fan, you need to use the plug which you has installed the smokeless if design like this, its smokeless function is not good. It has an independent small fan: auxiliary smoke exhaust, more uniform suction Aluminum foil tube: connect to the fan, connect to the main pipe Pull box: control the up and down stretch of the pipe Lifting pipe: stainless steel If you are interested in it, the more details you can require us, CENHOT members will answer them for you. CENHOT- One Stop Solution Expert Of Global Hot Pot And BBQ Equipment

  • 2021 Happy Chinese National Day - CENHOT
    2021 Happy Chinese National Day - CENHOT

    Every National Day holiday in China, all enterprises and institutions will hang lanterns or banners and use slogans such as "Celebrate National Day" to celebrate the National Day; bonsai and hydrogen balloons with slogans are placed on the square to welcome the National Day with a joyous atmosphere. October 1st is Chinese national day, From the 1st to the 7th, all Chinese people will have holidays to travel and relax. We are proud of our country being strong and prosperous. Happy Chinese National Day to all Chinese people.

  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    The Traditional Chinese mid-autumn festival is coming soon. Chinese people will go home to eat with their families, chat, watch the moon, and eat moon cakes. The customs and cultures of various places are various, such as worshiping the moon, drinking sweet-scented osmanthus wine, eating sweet-scented osmanthus duck and so on.  CENHOT team wishes everyone happiness and health and  have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

  • On August 20th, experience the new product charcoal barbecue grill in Cenhot
    On August 20th, experience the new product charcoal barbecue grill in Cenhot

    On August 20th, CENHOT members experienced a new product charcoal grill to make delicious barbecue. After we ignited the barbecue charcoal, we put it on the dedicated embedded tabletop and turned on the purifier to prepare for barbecue. This process was so smooth that there was no smoke when we barbecued. As shown in the picture, the barbecue is also grilled at a very good temperature, which ensured that the barbecue was not burnt and too tough. If you are interested in our Charcoal BBQ Grill, you can contract us and we will give you the best price

  • Successful delivery on August 11,2021
    Successful delivery on August 11,2021

    We successfully delivered the hot pot and BBQ Equipment to a customer and on the way to the Netherlands on August 11th. In the process of moving, we met some difficulties, but through the efforts of the Cenhot team, we overcame the difficulties, finally, the delivery was smooth. As catering equipment gradually enters the world, we provide you with high-quality and durable catering equipment. If there are any questions about hotpot and BBQ restaurant, please feel free to contact us.

  • Happy Double Seventh Day
    Happy Double Seventh Day

    On the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar in China every year, it belongs to the traditional Chinese Qixi Festival. This festival that began in the Han Dynasty has gradually become Valentine's Day by modern young people. Whenever this day comes, men will send flowers or necklaces to their loved ones, and lovers will go to the movies, have dinner, and go shopping together, which means that every day in the future will be sweet and sweet. Here, CENHOT wishes the lovers have a happy Double Seventh Day.

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